"Note to self: every time you were convinced you couldn’t go on, you did."

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Rain dropping into water is a fantastic sight. Just watching it “ker-plop” into the water and cause a shockwave that meets other shockwaves. I think it implies the same enjoyment people feel when they jump into a puddle of water, or dip their toes into a lake. 
"it’s difficult
to romanticize the past
or even
remember it as
when i keep discovering
more and more each day
that everything
you said,
and everything you
and everything
i thought was true,
was not."
m.k., “collecting dust (via praises)
"outside the rain is pouring and each drop is whispering to me how lovely you are. it rolls down the roof and seeps into the soil, creating a song all of its own in the darkness as it falls onto the pavement. my room is dim except for the streetlight peaking through the window over my desk. all the little moments happening to create this moment right now are individually necessary and beautiful. you are rain falling. you are shadows on my bedroom walls. you are subtle light. you are so many things. but all you are allowing yourself to focus on is the dirt beneath the grass, the leaking in the shingles. but i’m lying in my bed staring at the ceiling and all i can think about is how lovely it is to fall asleep to the sound of rain. you are many things, all necessary, all beautiful. and i see it. one day you will, too."
madisen kuhn, a text message to a friend who doesn’t realize their worth (via praises)

so take me with you, i want to be apart of you

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"I’ll never be busy enough to not miss you."
m.k. (via praises)

Dich spielen zu sehen war ‘ne OffenbarungPhilipp nie vergessen wir deinen Namen
"I know this is going to be hard for dynamic and interesting extroverts to believe, but some people are happy being introverts. Shy people don’t stay in on a Friday night because they’re broken, they stay in because they get more enjoyment out of reading at home than they do out of going to a sweaty bar or crowded party or loud concert or violent, I don’t know, quinceanera. Quiet people avoid talking in large crowds not because they don’t know how to talk, but because they prefer listening. Shy and awkward people are not looking for you to save them because they don’t need to be saved. Why do we throw around the phrase “She really helped him break out of his shell” as if that’s a good thing? If a turtle breaks out of his shell, he will die."
Daniel O’Brien (via aingingein)

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